About Us

Our company was started by our code loving founder in 2014. We began with just one customer and a mission to help grow businesses with the power of technology and the passion of a business partner.


A woman teaching a man how to do something on the computer

Our Concept

Our plan is simple. We want to help as many customers grow their business as possible. However, we understand it's not a one shoe fits all solution.

We develop a plan together with our customers to ensure target driven results. We know first hand that not all actions create growth or meet specific business objectives. This is why we work collaboratively with our customers.

Our Values

Our team focus on our values every step of the way to meet the needs of our customers. Our core values are:

  • Collaboration
  • Passion
  • Individuality
A woman instructing a workshop with her team in an office
A group of web developers working on their computers at a table

Our Story

Beginning in 2014 our consultancy grew from a love of technology... and tyres! A passion for developing code mixed with a little car geek resulted in us launching Tyre Runner in 2018. 

Since 2014 our team has evolved from one person to a team of developers, digital marketing experts and data scientists, all adding their unique individual expertise. And yes we believe our products form a key part of our consultancy - they allow us to experiment on technology on our dime not yours!